The Chainsmokers on a Brink Of a New Hit Release

Can this be The Chainsmokers’ subsequent #1 hit? Yesterday, from KABOO Music Festival inside San Diego, California, the coppia unleashed a new ID do some simple fresh, poppy female oral, who we think belong to Rorro Rexha. We also realize Drew is singing record vox for this after his or her performance of the new quickly pull at Red Rocks. Check Closer sheet music page.

This specific isn’t the first time we’ve read, or posted, this IDENTITY. However it’s the best saving we’ve come across as far as music is concerned, giving new perception into what is indubitably any simple-yet-enjoyable pop/EDM crossover using a catchy-as-hell chorus.

The coppia has talked up numerous collaborations with different artists at the moment in the works, let us know inside the comments who else you imagine this singer could be and exactly you think of their latest.


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