Shaun Frank Invited to Red Rocks by The Chainsmokers

Continue Thursday, Shaun Frank seemed to be one of the few artists invited by Chainsmokers to play a exclusively curated Red Rocks placed featuring cln, Herobust, along with San Holo. As one of the co-writers of The Chainsmokers’ smash arised with Halsey, “Closer, ” Shaun was understandably presented official remix duties, in addition to there’s no better opportunity for him to tease the item than in his official Crimson Rocks recap video for any ultimate The Chainsmokers network.

Though the remix only represents through the first minute perhaps of the video and assists only as a backdrop into the actual video content, you will get a pretty good sense of the course that Shaun took. Sliced vocals and a melodic audible Shaun Frank drop following a beautifully constructed build-up – I can definitely fragrance another hit coming with zygor!

Shaun Frank at Red Rocks

The Chainsmokers

the chainsmokers don't let me down feat daya


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